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What is a chocolate fountain?

We're not quite sure who invented it, but certainly it was someone who loved chocolate. A chocolate fountain is simply a tiered stainless steel fountain with a heating element in its basin. A motor-driven auger carries warm chocolate up to the top tier, and the chocolate then cascades down continuously like a chocolate waterfall. Guests have a wonderful time dipping items such as fruits, cookies, marshmallows, and more into the fountain.

What areas do you serve? Will you go as far south as Santa Barbara? As far north as Monterey?

Our regular service area is San Luis Obispo County. We are based in the city of San Luis Obispo and travel from Santa Ynez to Paso Robles without extra charges. But, we do work with special clients outside the San Luis Obispo area on occasion, and we add a travel surcharge to these events.

Catering Spread

How many people does the chocolate fountain serve?

We offer fountains in two sizes: Tall (27") and Grande (36"). The Tall (27") fountain is great for up to about 75 to 85 people. The Grande (36") fountain is great for up to about 150 to 200 people. If you want to offer your guests more variety, we suggest having fountains with two different types of chocolate.

What is included in my Chocolate Fountain?

Our package price is all-inclusive, unlike other companies that add on a per-head charge or per-item charge. Your chocolate fountain rental includes:

  • Your Chocolate Fountain
  • Serving Table, Either 4 Foot or 6 Foot
  • Black Table Cloth, Skirt, Your Choice Of Gold, Silver, Red, or White Top Garment With Lights
  • Choice Of Dark, Milk, or White Gourmet Chocolate
  • On-Site, Uniformed Fountain Attendant: Delivery**, Setup, Maintenance, & Removal
  • Wooden Fondue Skewers & Cocktail Napkins

*Your Chocolatier will be present an hour before your event to set up the fountain, and an hour afterwards to break down, remove, and clean the fountain.

During the dipping time, your Chocolatier assists guests with the fountain and answers fountain-related questions. He or she keeps the fountain replenished and discourages the guests from "double dipping" and "skinny dipping."

Serving platters for your event, including dipping treats:

  • Fresh Strawberries
  • Maui Pineapple
  • Fresh Bananas
  • Nutter Butter® Cookies
  • Pretzels
  • Marshmallows

What if we want to keep the fountain for a longer period of time?

We charge $40.00 per half hour for additional dipping time should you wish us to keep serving past the agreed-upon time.

What if we want more chocolate?

Extra chocolate is rarely needed, but is available. The cost depends on the number of guests.

What kind of chocolate do you use?

We only use premium gourmet couverture chocolate—Callebaut from Belgium. Couverture (French for "covering") chocolate has about 35 percent more cocoa butter than regular chocolate and is used as a coating when making chocolates and truffles. It is ideal for chocolate fountain dipping. Our chocolate does not require the use of added oils in our fountains, which is something to consider if you want the very best in display and presentation.

Is the chocolate fountain kosher?

Yes, we only use certified kosher chocolate in our fountains.

Do you have insurance and food handling certification?

Yes, we are the only chocolate fountain company that carries comprehensive general liability insurance, and we have a current permit with the San Luis Obispo County Department of Health.

How much does it cost to rent a Chocolate Diva Fountain?

Unlike companies that provide a flat-fee service, we believe that each event is unique, and we want to work with you to ensure that you get exactly the service that works for you. You may want our Grande fountain with dark chocolate and the Tall with white chocolate for your entire reception. Perhaps the Tall fountain would work best with just appetizers. Some clients prefer a chocolate fountain instead of a cake, and we can help you decide what serving times and fountains will work best for serving your event. Please fill out the contact us form, and we will be in contact to provide an all-inclusive quote for you.

Do you take credit cards?

You may make a deposit or payment on our website. We accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Of course, checks are welcome, too!

How much of a deposit do you require to reserve my date for me?

We require a 50% deposit to reserve your date at the time of booking, and the balance within 7 days prior to the event. We cannot hold a date until your deposit has been received.

How do I book The Chocolate Diva Fountain for my event?

After receiving your quote, you will want to call or email to make sure that your date is still available. If still available, you can reserve your Chocolate Fountain by sending us (via our online website or check) a 50% deposit to hold your date and send one copy of your quote signed by you to (The Chocolate Diva, PO Box 14929, San Luis Obispo, CA 93406).

We can only book one fountain per date, and weekends often fill up 6 months to a year in advance. Reservations are limited and are on a first-come, first- served basis. Once your reservation is confirmed and you've paid your deposit, we will send you an email confirming that we have received your deposit and agreement. The balance of your payment is due at least 7 days prior to the date of your event. For more information call 805-545-7664.

Do you provide the dipping items? What do you recommend?

Unlike other companies that provide dipping items on a "per item" charge, our package price includes all of the following: fresh strawberries, fresh bananas, sweet Maui pineapple, marshmallows, pretzels, and Nutter Butter® cookies.

We have found in our years of experience that it's better this way. There is something for everyone, and our clients feel incredibly well taken care of—spoiled, even!

Can I provide the dipping items?

Our experience has also taught us that it's best for us to take care of the entire chocolate fountain area, including displays, food items, and serving platters, in order to maintain the quality and level of service that have earned us the reputation of "best" on the Central Coast. We are open to special requests and make every attempt to work with you to ensure that the presentation meets your standards.

Do you provide tables?

We provide a 6-foot rectangular table for our Tall (27") fountain and our Grande (36") fountain.

Do you provide table linens?

Our package price includes our standard black table skirt, our black table cloth, and your choice of gold, silver, white, or red table topping. Please view a few photos of our award-winning presentation. Any other linens must be agreed to at the time of booking and available to us at least two hours prior to our start time.

What about lighting?

We provide festive lighting for the tabletop area only, such as small lights beneath the table toppings. If there are any additional lighting needs (i.e. if you are setting the chocolate fountain in a dark corner, a room with difficult fluorescent lighting, etc.) it is up to you to provide additional lighting. We are happy to consult with you on this and have lighting resources that may be useful. It is your responsibility to ensure that the fountain area is visible and that the lighting is congruent with your event.

What size chocolate fountain should I have for my event?

We have four sizes and can accommodate any size group, depending on your needs and the details of your event.

Do you provide plates? What about trash?

Yes, we do provide small plates and cocktail napkins. We teach people how to enjoy the chocolate and keep it off of themselves, their neighbors, or the floor. Our motto is "in you, not on you." We do provide a 30-inch high black trash can (2 for the Extra Grande) beside our table for used napkins and skewers, which we dispose of ourselves. We never leave behind any mess!

What are the space and electrical requirements for the Chocolate Diva Fountain?

We need at least a 10-foot-by-10-foot area so that guests will not be crowded as they enjoy the fountain. This area cannot be in a breezy doorway or adjacent to an air vent, as temperature changes and wind will carry the chocolate. In the event that we are providing two or more fountains, this may need to be larger.

The chocolate fountain requires a 120-volt grounded electrical outlet that adheres to contemporary safety standards and supplies at least 15 amps, within 10 feet of the setup location.

How do you display the dipping treats? Do I need to provide anything?

We have a variety of tiered platters that we provide, depending on the size of the event. For weddings, we would ask that you provide two small bouquets to fit the 6-inch-high "mussy tussies" that top our silver tiers—a nice touch!

I am having an outdoor party. Can the chocolate fountain be used outdoors?

Unfortunately, chocolate fountains are too attractive to insects and the flow of the chocolate is too sensitive to wind and temperature shifts to be used outdoors.

How about in a tent?

Again, we have to say no. Our reputation is spotless, and we want to keep it (and the bride's gown) that way! Unless it is a tent built on a platform, totally wind-protected and temperature controlled, we have to say no to this request.

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