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Add a touch of elegant decadence to your next event with The Chocolate Diva of San Luis Obispo, California. We specialize in extravagant affairs using only the finest Belgian chocolate. Our team proudly provides dippable food, and quality chocolate, and we leave behind no mess. At our chocolate fountain catering company, we take care of everything from setup to breakdown; all you need to do is tell us where to be and for how long. Let us bring sweet luxury to your wedding or other event—contact us today.


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Common Questions

Common Questions

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About Us

The Chocolate Diva delivers when it comes to making any event special. Your chocolate fountain includes one or two chocolatiers, depending on the size of the event. All dippables are fully stocked throughout the event, and stay refilled and skewered for ease of dipping. We also ensure that no one double-dips or uses the same skewer again to prevent contamination. And, during your event, all staff are dressed in professional black chef's coats and assist guests in making the most of the fountain without spilling.

We are your premiere chocolate fondue catering solution for the Central Coast of California. Our chocolate fountains use only quality imported chocolates to create a fun, sweet, and elegant interactive delight to every occasion. Let us help you make memories with the wonderful aroma of fine chocolate and the tempting sight and taste of an array of tantalizing treats dipped in warm cascades of chocolate.

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How to Contact us

There are many options for you.

We are excited to hear about your special day.

1 - The Chocolate Diva has chocolatier agents available for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The agent will be able to assist you in getting information on the dippables, type of chocolate, and request a quote from our sales team. Chat With An Agent today!

2 - Call The Chocolate Diva at (805) 545-7664. We will be happy to discuss the details of your special event, provide you information, check availability, and collect the information needed to give you the best quote possible for your chocolate fountain.

3 - Email The Chocolate Diva at and we will be happy to reply to the inquiry!

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